• Looking for a technical job? Changing careers...? Laid off...?

These are good answers:

    1. MJC Accelerated Career Training - The ACT Program. The ACT program will provide you with an intensive technical training and will help you to network for a production or technical position.
    2. MJC Manufacturing Academy. Through the Alliance Worknet, the Academy will put you in the path of gainful employment in a manufacturing or logistic position with an intensive training program. Welding, Machining, Electrical, and Logistic training will hone your skills for the modern requirements of today business.

For more information, contact our department of Workforce Development


  • Wondering how to go from the shop, or the floor, to a management position?

This is a good answer: Complete a baccalaureate to advance your career.

 Too busy to attend classes? Classes are offered at inconvenient times? Colleges or universities are too far? Your education at MJC and your technical background counts!!! Thomas Edison State University gives you the opportunity to attend to class from your home and in your own schedule. The MJC's credits earned for your certificate or associate degree will transfer to Thomas Edison State University where you will be able to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Science in Applied Science and Technology in many technical areas. Contact me for more information!!!


  • Looking for a job in an electrical or electronics field? Follow the link to our E-Job Market (that's the market for the guys of the Big E :-))