In the quest for the electrician of the XXI Century .

To be an electrician demands mastering a number of disciplines that requires multiple abilities. 

Some of these abilities are technical, such as the ability to predict a circuit’s outcome, being able to use an array of different instruments to perform meaningful measurements, or being able to read a schematic and make sense of it. Other abilities are closer to the art of craftsmen, such as conduit bending, or panel arrangements, where although there are techniques to solve problems, the years of practice make a difference in the quality of the final product.

My intention in my courses is to expose the students to practical, real-world situations where both phases are present. Over the course of the semester, the students will sometimes face straight forward problems where the solutions are tied directly to the material covered during the lecture, book, and/or the information into a tech spec or a technical article. Other times, the students will be exposed to variations of the same themes, and the basic procedures to achieve a solution will be exposed along the demos, homework, and labs. These are the real benefits students will receive from my courses.

Many times in the real world, the acquired knowledge will be applied in a creative way. At that point, creativeness, character and experience – things that my courses can not help to develop - will play a role along with knowledge and comprehension, but in today's hi-tech, fast-paced environments, it will be difficult to have a chance of building any background, developing any creativeness, or sharpening any character without those foundations that the classroom can deliver.

It’s my wish and hope that my courses will become for the students a sort of virtual tool box, where the inner resources of comprehension might allow them to solve practical problems with a decent level of proficiency, or perhaps, even help them to shine in the workplace.


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For my current students

Any class implies a short term commitment. We are going to meet during 16 weeks and that's only if we do not hit a holiday along the semester. To optimize our time together and to guarantee a satisfactory outcome, I need from you to follow these guidelines.

  1. Be on time and come to class prepared (bring your notebook, textbook, writing utensils, instruments, and tools)
  2. Come having reviewed the contents of the last class or classes
  3. Keep your homework and assignments up to date.

Following these suggestions will assure a successful completion of any of my courses.