Motors, Controls, and Controllers - ELTEC 226

Squirrel_CageUnderstanding electrical machines and how to control them is at the very heart of many industrial and commercial operations.

ELTEC 226 is focus in the description of one of the most popular electrical machines - the INDUCTION MOTOR - and in the analysis and implementation of a repertoire of well known control circuits.

Also this class will tackle more modern control devices such as Solid State Relays, Variable Frequency Drives, DC Controllers, and it will deliver an introductory overview to Motion Control.

**This course is approved by the State of California for the Department of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) Electricians Training Program.Lecture/Laboratory. (A-F Only).

Syllabus & Documents

What to Expect

After successfully completing this class, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the purpose of a combination of control devices by analyzing schematics
  • Modify and existing circuit to introduce a new condition or to adapt it to new devices
  • Design a simple control system based on a repertoire of basic maneuvers. 
  • Implement appropriate safeguards for a motor-control system.
  • Safely, measure basic variables (voltage, current) in energized circuits, and correctly use different methods to measure resistance to troubleshoot common faults.

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