Fundamentals of Electricity & Electronics - ELTEC 208

multimeterAn overview of electrical and electronic phenomena as applied to common consumer and industrial devices. The course examines the physical nature and laws of electricity and magnetism and the application of the scientific method. DC and AC circuits and their characteristics are examined, predicted, and measured. Electronic test equipment and voltage sources are utilized in the construction, troubleshooting and testing of electrical and electronic circuits. The historical development and the socioeconomic aspects of the "electronic age" are also examined.

**This course is approved by the State of California for the Department of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) Electricians Training Program. Materials Fee Required Field trips are not required. (A-F or P/NP) Lecture/Lab Transfer: (CSU) General Education: (MJC-GE: A)

Syllabus & Documents

(All About Circuits and Lessons in Electric Circuits are the same material authored by Tony R. Kuphaldt)

What to Expect

This class is the Electronic's department "flagship." ELTEC 208 is a fast paced class oriented to a multiple audience, for what newbies and experienced technicians will benefit from the contents delivered along the semester. After successfully completing this class, students will be able to:

  • Use a digital multimeter to measure voltages, currents, and resistances in circuits.
  • Calculate and predict voltages, currents, resistances, partial and total power in basic circuits.

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