Recent Activities

MJC ELTEC 321 class had participated in a solar installation of GRID Alternatives in Merced.

01_Unloading 02_Unloading

Monday 20th, 8:00 AM. MJC's ElectroPirates unloading GRID Alternatives' truck


Setting a work area, inspecting and wearing safety gear.


GA Xavier and Jose (awesome team) setting safety brackets in the roof.


In the meanwhile the ground team was assembling the rails for the racking system.


An ElectroPirate is shortening a rail using a portable bandsaw supervised by GA project leader. The roof work started carrying up all the necessary tools. Watch the safety anchors in place with the fall arresters blocks


 A line was made to pass the buckets up to the roof. The roof crew pay attention as the position of the rack systems is laid out

Setting FastJackSetting FastJack

FastJacks are attached in place.

Setting FastJackSetting FastJacks

Using the FastJack flashing template part of the composite shingle is remove.

Setting FastJacksFlashing is installed on top of the FastJack.

 FastJacks installedFastJacks installed and first rails ready

All the FastJacks are in position. Notice the way that they are located in order to spread the load. The bottom rails laid next to the FastJack supports for the next operation.

Rails in positionAll the rails are in position and the racking system is completed. At the end of the project the excess will be trimmed.

Conduit JobConduit Job

As the roof team was progressing in the installataion of the mechanical system, the ground team was laying out the conduit for the DC and the AC circuits.

Conduit JobOffsets and nineties performed in a professional fashion by the MJC's students (Go Pirates!!!). In the picture, GA lead person points out to the next EMT run.

Receiving ModulesRecording SN

Testing ModulesPanels were received, their SN recorded, and their Voc tested

 Storing ModulesAfter testing, modules are stored previous lifting them to the roof.

Roof prepRoof prep

Roof prepBefore lifting the modules to the roof, some preparation is needed. The roof is swept to remove debris, a transition wiring box is set in place, and the homeruns are wired into the rails.

The next four pictures are a display of module lifting in the right way. Let's call it "Module Lifting 101" by professors Jose and Xavier

Module lifting 1Module lifting 2

Module lifting 3Module lifting 4

Setting modulesThe first module is in place. Notice the end board... A+ in safety.

Setting moduleSetting modules

Setting modulesThe first and the second modules are set, aligned and tightly put together. This is the reference for the rest of the modules in this part of the array.

WiringAs the roof team installs the modules, the ground team pulls wires for the DC and the AC circuits.

Testing array VocWith the wiring completed the PV array is connected and Voc tested at the inverter.

All done

February 21th, 3:30 PM. Mission accomplished!!! Mark (the home owner) smiles and the team is satisfied with the job.

Our gratitude to Mark, Jose, Xavier, and GRID Alternatives for the opportunity.

In the picture, MJC students: Chris, Ralph, Jeremy, Will, Antonio, and Mike.