Photovoltaic Systems - ELTEC 321

inverterThis is a one-semester course in the study of photovoltaic systems: OFF-Grid, Interconnected, and Hybrid. This course includes the study of PV systems positioning, electrical and mechanical design and integration (including hands-on experiences), working safely with PV systems, financial topics (systems estimates and rebates), and an overview of NABCEP certification requirements.

Syllabus & Documents

What to Expect

As a result of satisfactory completion of this course, the student should be prepared to:

•Perform a site assessment to verify viability of a PV system

•Perform basic calculations to size a residential, or small commercial, interconnected (grid-tied) or stand alone (off-grid) PV system.

•Install, interconnect, and setup all the parts that make up a PV system (grid-tied or off-grid)

•Perform basic troubleshooting routines to detect problems.

•Perform a basic financial assessment from the system basic
cost to the utility and government financial support.

•Show understanding of the required certifications and
licenses to develop a professional career into the industry

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